DPScope - Low-Cost USB Oscilloscopes
DPScope II - Software, Drivers, Documentation
On this page you find everything you need to use - and understand! - your oscilloscope. Please note the
disclaimer and the copyright notice on the bottom of this page!

    Bare EXE only - use installer above to install the full package and then copy this .exe file over the
    original one. This version also has manual connect (if autodetect of the scope does not work for
    some reason).

  • Hardware Design Description (PDF) - COMING SOON

  • Programming Manual (PC Interface Description) - COMING SOON
  You'll need this if you want to develop you own PC applications for the DPScope II.

General introductory reading:

Disclaimer: The author of these pages does not assume any responsibility whatsoever regarding the
design, construction or use of the described instrument. The author cannot be held responsible for
any damage to persons or property connected with the described design. This includes (but is not
limited to) damage to you or your computer, fitness for a specific task, and specified performance.
you decide to build the oscilloscope or use it, you do so at your own risk. Observe safety guidelines when
soldering. Never apply any voltage exceeding 20V to the oscilloscope inputs.

Copyright Notice: Circuit schematics, layout files, PC software etc. on this site are intended for use with
our DPScope only. The only exception to this is their use (or use of portions of them) for private,
non-commercial projects.
Any commercial use is strictly prohibited without explicit, prior, written
consent by us. That means that you can't for example sell or even distribute your own version of
oscilloscope which runs with our PC software, or sell any instrument, circuit or kit whose design is
substantially based on the DPScope schematic and/or layout without prior permission from our side.
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